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This looks exactly like something on adult swim. Great job

This caught me way off guard. I was like " alright so this must be some sort of gif type situation" and I got way more than I thought I would. 5/5

I love what you did with the color scheme, the pinks and blue went amazing together. Smooth animation also works really well for this. Plus its got a funny story. Nice job.

PhantomArcade responds:

I had a ton of fun with the colors for this, thanks dude

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This is a really good visual novel game. My problems with it are based around two things. The music doesn't quite fit at times, like the opening is to loud. Personally I feel like it should have been some sort of soft piano, would have have helped establish a better tone. And now for y other problem. My big problem for this game is that it has very odd pacing. Like how it cuts from one moment to another. It relies heavily on a "..." system. There is better ways than this to show time events. For example you could have maybe darkened the background instead using "..." But I did thoroughly enjoy this. Nice job dude

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KoltonKennedy responds:

Thanks, man. The dot dot dots are common among visual novels. I'm sorry if I annoyed a few people about it. Heheh.

I'm going to agree with most of the other reviews. While its not bad the animations could use some more work. (I'd recommend working on blood, like spray and drip etc.) With that said this is just a demo, so it's not terrible but its gonna take a lot more work to be great.

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I don't know who this YouTuber is but I love this piece. My only problem with it is I feel you could have put a little more work into the sky behind the clouds but that might have been a person creative choice. Nice job.





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